10 lbs. in 23 Days…Day 9!

It’s been a liitle over a week and to date…I have lost a total of 3 pounds. I have had no Dr. Pepper for 9 days! That alone, is a record for me!! 

I have been doing pretty good with my diet. Lots of fresh produce and pretty much no bad snacks like chips, cookies, ice cream, and soda. I think my careful choices have helped me not gain any weight and maybe added to my 3 pound lost. But…I think physical exercise is were I am lacking!

I have been spending so much time on my bed project, that I haven’t really been getting any exercise in….so, that’s got to change. My goal for this next week is to get more exercise. Hopefully it will pay off on the scale!!

If you are new to my site and wondering why 10 lbs. in 23 days? Go HERE to read about how this whole crazy mess started!!!  To be continued…

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