10 lbs. in 23 Days…Day 3 Update!

So I have weighed in every morning and so far I have lost 1 pound! It may not be much but at least I am headed in the right direction! (Got to think positive, am I right ladies?)

Tuesday night, I sneaked in some exercise by running my stairs during commercial breaks. And friends, I will tell you, that was HARD!! The first break I run up and down 9 times. I was breathing so hard at the end that my husband, who was in the kitchen came to check on me to see what was going on!!! He says, “Oh, your exercising! Good for you hun!” By the end of my show, I could run up and down 11 times!! So I am going to try that again tonight!

This afternoon I dusted off the Wii Fit! It’s been a long time since I have been on that! The computer was shocked to see me again!! I did a body test and then I did some running! Got sweaty and it felt good!!

I have a friend that is joining me in this adventure, Kimberly!! Which by the way, I am so glad she decided to come along for the ride. She has her own blog and is writing about her experiences with loosing weight. If you would like to read about her journey, go HERE.

If you would like to join the challenge of 10lbs in 23 days, please leave a comment!! We would love to have you!! And if you want to know how this idea of 10 lbs in 23 days came to be, go HERE to read the story!

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