10 Inspirational Thoughts On…Summer

1. The heart of summer is when laziness should be the norm.
2. Never hesitate when asked to visit the favorite ice cream store.
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3. Enjoy the warmth of the guiding stars on a late summer stroll.
4. Splash! Get in the water every chance you get…and ‘help’ others do the same!
5. S’mores aren’t just for campfires….they are for summer. Anywhere. Anytime.
6. Summer is for great blockbuster movies to escape from the heat.
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7. Visits from far away friends and family….treasure the moments.
8. An amazing sky full of color and sounds when summer brings July around.

9. Sandals, shorts, and swimsuits…a brand new wardrobe….fantastic!
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 10. Take hold of the opportunity that summer brings…to be a child once again.


  1. ‘Sandals, shorts, and swimsuits…a brand new wardrobe….fantastic!’ Not if we sit around all day and eat ice-cream – may get a bit fat! lol. But I get your point. Enjoyed reading post.
    Sandals, shorts, and swimsuits…a brand new wardrobe….fantastic!

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